Charlotte home Educators Association (CHEA)
  • CHEA is an association of Charlotte area support groups whose purpose is to promote better communication, support, fellowship, and unity among Charlotte homeschoolers.
  • Each support group has individual membership requirements and government.
  • Each group provides one member to serve on the CHEA Board.
  • The CHEA Board meets semi-annually.
  • Each support group is responsible for setting policies for each activity it provides for CHEA.
  • CHEA membership automatically constitutes acceptance of CHEA Board policies.

Home School Legal Defense Association
Home School Legal Defense Association is a nonprofit advocacy organization established to defend and advance the constitutional right of parents to direct the education of their children and to protect family freedoms. Through annual memberships, HSLDA is tens of thousands of families united in service together, providing a strong voice when and where needed.
Several of the PATH members have a membership HSLDA.   When you read some of the stories on HSLDA’s website, you realize that it doesn’t take much for your local school system or state to question your homeschooling rights.  Some of us look at the membership as an insurance policy, if our homeschool rights are challenged we know we have some waiting to help us defend that right.  Visit their website for more details.  Please note that if you belong to NCHE you will receive a discount on HSLDA’s membership.

Homeschool Legal Advantage
Homeschool Legal Advantage is an outreach of the Christian Law Association (CLA). The CLA has faithfully served churches and families since 1969, and has successfully defended over 8,000 educational freedom-related cases.
In recent years, the CLA has actively assisted an ever increasing number of homeschooling families. In 2009, the CLA assembled a dedicated team of homeschool parents, homeschool graduates and attorneys to form Homeschool Legal Advantage – a division specifically charged with protecting the rights of homeschoolers, and providing practical advice regarding home education and compliance with homeschool laws. Today, the HLA team includes a large group of full-time attorneys and an additional 200+ affiliated attorneys throughout the United States.

North Carolina Department of Non-Public Education
DNPE is the state government department responsible for the oversight of private and home schools. On this site you will find a summary of the rules governing homeschooling in North Carolina as well as required forms.

North Carolinians for Home Educators
NCHE is an organization whose primary purpose is to
  • To protect the freedom to educate children at home
  • To provide encouragement and support to families choosing home education for their children 
  • To promote home education as an excellent educational alternative 
Their web site provides useful information about getting started in homeschooling, FAQ’s regarding homeschooling and annual conference information. PATH encourage its members join and support NCHE. Click here for NCHE-Getting Started.

Community Activities

We are so blessed to live in an area that is very homeschooler friendly and that has so many opportunities for us to take advantage of.  From science classes to children’s plays, from field trips to Scouts troops, fun abounds if you know where to look.  Here are some events waiting for you!



Homeschool Scouting:


Classes and Co-ops:

Yahoo groups and online resources:

  • CCHNET (Charlotte Christian Homeschool Network) “This is a Christian based list for homeschoolers in, or moving to, the Charlotte, NC, area.
  • Explore and Discover – This group is “seeking to explore and discover culture and community, through self-directed activities with friends. These are not structured outings, except where noted.”
  • CCHNET – Teen (a subset of Charlotte Christian Homeschool Network) “CCHNet-Teen is a subgroup of CCHNet – Charlotte Christian Homeschool Network for homeschooling parents of teens. You need to have at least one child who is 12 or older to join.”
  • Charlotte Homeschooling - connect with area homeschoolers